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The NEXX NX1 difference

With our revolutionary new design, the nx1 allows you to choose whether you want a hub-drive or a mid-drive motor. It's One frame with two drivetrain capabilities. Both of which have the ability to accelerate you to speeds of over 50mph. The NX1-S is a hub driven beast for the street with practically zero maintenance. however, it can easily be converted to the NX1-r mid-drive, off-road monster by simply swapping out the hub drive motor and wheel for our mid-drive power kit. If you have an NX1-r, you'll be able to do the equivalent swap with our hub-drive power kit. 

_DSC0709$ Close up nx1R.jpg
_DSC0704$ Sophia edit.jpg

Light Electric
Vehicles Reimagined

Here at NEXX LEV, we know that having fun while also promoting a smaller carbon footprint is essential to a more sustainable future.  Whether you're commuting to work, taking laps at the track, hitting the trail at your favorite spot, or simply cruising around your neighborhood, NEXX LEV has got you covered! 


 Our rides are designed and assembled in the San Francisco Bay area. We're here to build the best reliable, comfortable, performance-driven light electric vehicles that inspire and drive a sustainable future forward.


Specifications & FEATURES

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