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NX1: Redefining the Ride

 Lightning-fast and packed with smarts, it's not just about speed; it’s got the brains for an adrenaline filled ride. it sports an interchangeable drivetrain, allowing you to tailor your riding experience by choosing between a direct-drive hub or mid-drive motor. It enables adaptable riding experiences on the street or off-road, catering to diverse riding styles and terrains.


Ride your way with the flexibility to switch between pegs or pedals, ensuring a style that suits your mood from street cruising to off-road adventures! Choose between pedal power or relaxed cruising with peg.

Ramp up the power without breaking a sweat – the NX1 controller box rocks integrated heat sink cooling fins. Stay efficient, keep cool, and run the show in style with higher power output.


NX1: AI-fueled battery care

Stay charged, stay confident! With the NX1's AI-powered battery and cloud wizardry, you'll ride stress-free, increasing your battery life and extending the range by up to 30%. Say goodbye to that range anxiety! it’s like having a personal pit crew for your battery, providing updates and remote control at your fingertips. Smart, savvy, and always connected.

NX1-R the Trail slayer!

Get on the NX1-R for an off-road powerhouse that's equally at home on the streets. This mid-drive-configured NX1 screams adventure, allowing you to conquer rough terrains or zip through city streets with the same electrifying power.

R alone_DSC0688.jpg
S alone_DSC0711$.jpg

Here at NEXX LEV, we know that having fun while also promoting a smaller carbon footprint is essential to a more sustainable future.  Whether you're commuting to work, taking laps at the track, hitting the trail at your favorite spot, or simply cruising around your neighborhood, NEXX LEV has got you covered! 


 Our rides are designed and assembled in the heart of the bay area, san Mateo, California. We're here to build the best reliable, comfortable, performance-driven light electric vehicles that inspire and drive a sustainable future forward.


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